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Feb 11, 2013 9:00am EST
of the snake. our road map begins with a hat trick of news out of technology. dell shareholders balking at the buyout price. and apple testing a watch-like device. >> the s&p 500 is up for the first six weeks of the year. something that has not happened since 1971. a big week is ahead as carl mentioned with earnings from coke, cisco, gm, whole foods and michael kors. >> nemo, watch the impact on business, ford at least said it should not have a major impact on february sales. >> the world is reacting to pope benedict's announcement that he will step down at the end of the month citing his advanced age. he's the first pope to resign in almost six centuries. >>> dell defends the buyout in an s.e.c. filing. they said the deal spearheaded by michael dell and private equity firm silver lake partners offers the best value for shareholders. three more of dell's largest investors are joining southeastern asset management. they believe the deal undervalues the company. david, we had this discussion on day one. it's been a while since it's seen $20. but it seems that's what they want. >> the buy
Feb 12, 2013 9:00am EST
apple's road map, for instance. i think you'll hear him talk about how apple thinks about the technology on the back end to try to get an advantage over competitors innovation-wise. he reasonable will be forthcoming how apple thinks about culture and competition. >> comes on a day where jpmorgan writes a big piece on the smartphone industry. they cut qualcomm to neutral, because they say we're getting closer to the slowing smartphone adoption that we expect in 2014. they see it peaking in the next 12 months. >> yeah. those are interesting stats that run somewhat counter to qualcomm's own presentation before analysts just a couple of months ago, i was in san diego for that. i think the real challenge for qualcomm might be competitors like media tech coming in at the low end, trying to sort of come mod tiz android phones. the question is, who's going to get the biggest piece of that pie. >> we'll see a lot of you today, jon. thanks a lot. >> all right. meantime, breaking news on netflix. we'll go to julia boorstin with the details. >> melissa, netflix is partnering with dreamworks animatio
Feb 13, 2013 9:00am EST
than a decade, in the technology and entrepreneurial community have been talking about stapling green cards to diplomas. now it feels like republicans and democrats are coming together. so hopefully in the next few months we can build this coalition and pass immigration reform with a strong robust high-skilled immigration component. >> you're going to testify today before the senate judiciary committee on this topic. what is the net effect going to be on the effectiveness of startups in this country, on the labor market? because some are still making the market it's actually harmful to americans here, who are living na tifl, who are long-term unemployed. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't. the data shows that the immigrant entrepreneurs are typically job makers, create companies that make jobs, not job takers. that's what the evidence has been. the foundation that tracks this said the economy is driven by young high growth startups. 40% of the fortune 500 companies were started by first or second-generation immigrants. now half of the technology companies are started by immigrants
Feb 14, 2013 9:00am EST
are prepared to buy heinz for $28 billion. >> this fits what he does beautifully, a steady no technology to speak of, grind it out. >> brand known around the world. >> it's good for investors, good for the u.s. airways shareholders and good for the creditor of amr, and good news for all of our employees, creates a stronger airline, allows us to do more in compensation and for all those reasons i think it makes a lot of sense. >> we're partners with 3g and we'll both the same amount of equity, we'll own a proffered stock in addition. it's my kind of deal and my kind of partier in. >> they're buying this and they're going to keep it. they're not going to take it public. it's not a private equity model. they're going to keep it and the likelihood is that this new partnership -- >> when i was at goldman sachs the first stock i bought for my hedge fund because i knew there would never be a chinese or japanese bottle of ketchup on the table anywhere. this is one of the most iconic brands. >>> good thursday morning. what a day for news. we're live here at post nine at the new york stock exchang
Feb 15, 2013 9:00am EST
technology that's pretty darn clean by green standards. the government is not pushing this. it's almost growing despite the government. but all of these issues on export, repatriation, total international sales all need to be eevaluated more closely in a slowly global environment because we could get dinged a lot more. back to you. >>> rick, thanks so much. >> let's get a check on shares. nasdaq ipo soaring in today's first day of trading. this priced above the range of $16. this is a money transfer company that enables people in the united states to transfer money on web based pcs and mobile phones internationally. direct compete engineer is western union which is also higher by 1%. >>> when we come back, karl icahn putting new life in his stake. exactly what he bought coming up. i see him moving in with his parents and selling bootleg dvds out of the back of a van. dude, that's your life. remember, aflac will give him cash to help cover his rent, car payments and keep everything as normal as possible. i see lunch. [ monitor beeping ] let's move on. [ male announcer ] find out what a h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5